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Esoteric Hindu Vedic Astrology - A Materialistic & Spiritual Aspects!

Everything that exists has two aspects, the spiritual and the material, the essential and the formal. We are living in a world of duality through which something subtle and undefined is constantly passing and flowing, this dual manifestation is an essence or principle behind all things.

This can be clearly illustrated by the dichotomy of day and night, which is again divided into sunrise and sunset, noon and midnight, when the position of the Earth completely changes and reverses. The only external factor here is the Earth's rotation on its axis facing the Sun. But what is it that causes the rotating and changing effects of sunrise and sunset?

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are four distinct seasons of the year, resulting from the Earth's annual revolution around the Sun. Pregnancy, youth, maturity and old age are the consequences of birth, growth, decay and death. But why birth and death?

A million esoteric facts would not suffice to answer these questions, for they belong to our esoteric inquiry into that subtle, undefined object which is the essence and cause of all manifestations. In nature there is always a higher and a lower, a subtle and a gross aspect, an abstract and a concrete, a past cause and a future effect of the same substance; And there are two compatible viewpoints by which it can be studied and known.

With these ideas before us we can safely consider astrology as its dual expression, or rather its esoteric and esoteric viewpoint.

Esoteric astrology deals with abstract reason, philosophy and the inner or more subtle perspective; While external astrology is satisfied with effect, practice and concrete or external expression, Sattva prefers the more tangible and obvious rather than the theoretical.

For those who think highly of this subject, the esoteric side on the one hand, or the esoteric side on the other, is the only aspect worthy of attention; But for those who are broad-minded and free from prejudice, both sides are of equal value. It is simply a question of temperament as to which is preferred, and the wise know that one side of the story is always good until the other side is told.

We may define esoteric astrology as that side of the subject which views all stellar phenomena from the viewpoint of unity; Whereas esoteric astrology begins its study from the side of diversity and separation. The esoteric astrologer sees the entire expression of life as proceeding from a central and fundamental source, and therefore attempts to understand the subject from a number of viewpoints flowing from it. The Sun is the center of all in the solar system and the starting point of their philosophy, for for them all things originate from the Sun; And it is solar life in which all things live, move and have their existence. Emerging from this center are life currents that pass through the physical organisms of every living thing on earth.

This life descends and ascends through each of the seven planets, and is transformed in the process to utilize the evolved entities, and adapt to the stage they have reached on the scale of evolution; The seven planets are directly or indirectly associated with the seven major substances of the human body.

Man, as we know him, is made up of the great elements like fire, air, water, earth and sky. At the top of each of these there is a living conscious being, from which comes the life force and consciousness flowing through matter.

During these chapters we will deal with these forces and substances from an esoteric point of view, expanding and extending the ideas associated with them in esoteric studies; Although these elements have been known to astrologers for many centuries, their esoteric meaning has never been fully revealed, and yet it is one of the seven primary divisions of the zodiac: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Cardinal, On variable and fixed quantities. The true meaning of each horoscope is basically based on. We will take these zodiac signs and planets but before doing so let us try to get in depth information.

Dr. A. Shanker

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