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Planet Mercury in Pisces!

Planet Mercury in Pisces - A Negative House of Jupiter: Native has been just, magnanimous and good humored. Affairs signified by the signs Gemini and Virgo are likely to suffer through deceit, treachery and underhand acts; there may be trouble of this nature from servants, subordinates, or employees; or the native, when occupying such a position himself, may cause or be accused of causing these troubles to others. Native has detective and analytical skill, and an inclination for such work; can work quietly, subtly, and in the dark; can either discover mysteries or plan them; can speak, write, and act diplomatically and cautiously, and if Mercury is well 'aspected' he/she will have much ability as an imaginative writer. He/she has talent for amusements or occupations that give scope for these tendencies, and may gain considerable success or fame through speaking, singing, music, writing, clerical and secretarial work, and whatever depends upon ingenuity and manual dexterity. So far as this position is concerned, he/she occupies himself with many subjects rather than with one; and the subject is prone to carry on two lines of study or work at once. He/she may have to do with nursing, medicine, prison, hospitals; but there is generally some drawback or unpleasantness connected with such work, which is lessened if he/she can work in partnership, or in association with someone. This position threatens some weakness connected with the regions governed by Virgo or Pisces, and there is trouble in connection with education, travelling by water, or brothers and sisters.

Dr. A. Shanker

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