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Planet Venus impact in sun sign Pisces!

Planet Venus in Pisces - A Negative House of Jupiter: This increases the emotional side of the nature and gives an intense love of the beautiful, which may find expression in music, painting, or any of the Venus occupations. The native is cheerful, fond of company, society, and friendly intercourse, peaceful, easy-going, charitable and sometimes indolent. Native is likely to follow more than one pursuit or occupation at the same time, or may change from one to another. 

Native may gain money from charity or gift, from friends and acquaintances or by painting, music, etc.; or from some obscure or subordinate pursuit. If much afflicted, native may lose money heavily, or find it almost impossible to gain it; and loss may occur through deception, fraud, or his/her own action. In a bad horoscope the native will not be too scrupulous in his/her methods of acquiring. There is the likelihood of more than one marriage of love affair, and the native may be fickle and careless in matters of affection; or there will be a secret marriage or engagement. 

Native will marry beneath him/her, or suffer pecuniarily through through a woman. If afflicted native may be entangled to his/her detriment with the opposite sex, and there will be delays and obstacles to the marriage.

Note: In these, as in all other cases, much depends upon the position of the planet in the horoscope. For an unfavorable position by 'house', will negative much of the good promised by a favourable and vice verse.

Dr. A. Shanker

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