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Planet Mercury in Cancer!

A House of the Moon:
 The native is quiet, good-humored, easy-going and sociable in disposition and speech. He/She is sometimes changeable; his mind grasps many subjects, and takes a wide, comprehensive view of things. Natives memory is good, and mind is sound and strong, if not always quick or alert. 

There is a sense of rhythm and motion which will show either physically in dancing or athletics, or mentally in music or poetry. He/She will gain money through occupations and affairs connected with land or property, through the watery element, and through brothers, sisters, cousins, and the mother or her side of the family. He/She is fond of the water and will travel by it, especially on short journeys; is in general somewhat inclined to travelling. There is some likelihood of his/her investigating occult subjects; and he/she may be a somnambulist or a dreamer or possess some kind of occult gift. This position may exist with intuition and some amount of genius, especially if other influences hormones. Then by Virgo and Cancer, also among those with a lower rank of life than himself, and sometimes among those investigating mystical or occult subjects. It is a very favorable position for joining societies, associations and companies; and the native works better with a firm or in association with partners or co-workers than when alone. It is good for the digestion, but the state of the mind and the stomach act and react with each other to a greater degree than is usually the case.

Dr. A. Shanker

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