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Planet Mercury impact in sign Aries

A Positive House of Mars: Native will be quick-witted, apt at writing or speaking, quick at the retort, witty, observant and sharp; sometimes given to exaggeration, sarcasm, enthusiastic or excitable. He/She may write or publish, and will make friends among writers, readers or literary people. This position favors short writings rather than elaborate works, but the native may be a quick and very prolific writer, with  a fertile mind, original and inventive. 

It is good for the occupations of Gemini and Virgo and may co-operate with other influences in bringing any of them forward. Native will be the cleverest of his/her family or the most celebrated in matters governed by the planet. If afflicted, it threatens some trouble to the head or bowels, giving also a liability to feverish complaints or to accidents affecting the above parts. There is likelihood of many short journeys.

Dr. A. Shanker

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