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Planet Jupiter Impact in Capricorn


Jupiter in Capricorn - Its a negative house of Saturn

A Negative House of Saturn: This detracts from the buoyancy, cheerfulness and good humor of Jupiter; the mind is graver, more serious, less hopeful. It is fortunate for the occupation, generally speaking, especially a public career or one in which the native is head over others, or has others under him. It is good for money or legacy from the father or superiors, and for the favor and assistance of superiors. 

It gives some measure of power, career. It inclines somewhat to ravelling, a voyage or long journey at some time of life; and (if born in a suitable station in life) it may incline the native to philosophy, learning, and contemplation, also to religion of a thoughtful character, not always orthodox. There is as a rule frugality and carefulness in money matters, although this may be easily counteracted elsewhere in the horoscope.

Dr. A. Shanker

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