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The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn

This combination makes the personality very shrewd, tactful and ambitious, eager to attain to great heights which are often reached through favoritism and the help of friends. There is much solidity of thought and ability for political matters, the ideas being broad and the mind subtle. A somewhat serious, grave and thoughtful nature with a good deal of firmness, patience, perseverance and continuity of thought in whatever sphere of life the native may move.

There is a good deal of fitness for a public career of some sort or the holding of some public office or appointment in which (if planetary aspects are favorable) much success may be gained. There is ambition, tact, the power to face adverse circumstances unmoved, ability to control other people and suitability for positions of prominence and responsibility. 

There is a likelihood of much mental power, depth of thought, a comprehensive mind and a good memory where the native will be able to deal with difficult, profound and complex subjects with important undertakings, whether in public or private life and whether in practical affairs or in the sphere of the mind. The favor of the public, of acquaintances and of superiors is likely to be gained but if the Moon is much afflicted criticism, opposition or worse troubles may be encountered in these directions.

There is a tendency to reserve; the nature is not all shown on the surface. Hence there is considerable ability for matters involving secrecy and diplomacy in a bad horoscope this may manifest as lack of candour and straightforwardness from which the native will himself suffer on the part of others if the horoscope is otherwise good. There may be in some cases gloom, despondency, a want of buoyancy or lack of energy; but this may be overcome by prominent benefics by a suitable ascendant or by a strong aspect from Mars. If supported by planetary positions, there will be remarkable business and financial ability.

Dr. A. Shanker

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