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The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio

This is a less harmonious combination, the Scorpio nature not being in harmony with the Aquarian, it inclines to make the nature somewhat worldly and selfish. There is great ability displayed in playing upon the nature of others. The chief undesirable features of this polarity are, that it is apt to make the nature somewhat too positive, self-reliant, sometimes self-assertive and proud, very strong-willed and but not easily influenced or turned aside. 

Sometimes there is irritability, abruptness or aggressiveness. The less desirable characteristics may easily be toned down if  "benefics" are prominent and then the nature becomes extremely useful in the world, practical, executive, business like, firm, steady and hard working; suitable for positions of prominence or responsibility and likely to gain money, property, power or dignity.

If there are strong afflictions from malefics, there is some danger of rather sudden and serious trouble at times. There may be trouble or sorrow through either of the parents.

Dr. A. Shanker

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