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The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo

This intensifies the love nature and gives a strong desire to become devoted to one; there is an inclination to worship those who are loved. It is rather a peculiar combination, giving considerable psychic ability and the power to psychometrise. The nature will tend towards either the intellect or the feelings, according to the balance of influences in the horoscope. 

There is an active mind and a lively imagination which in a high type of person may achieve great things; there is also a sense of dignity and proper pride, coupled with a liking for society, a love of approbation and a desire for distinction and honor for "cutting a figure" or taking the lead.

Leo adds warmth, ardour and imagination to the Aquarius nature, which will express itself in a variety of ways according to the kind of horoscope and perhaps confer distinction through whatever may be the strongest planet. There is ability for occupying public or prominent position, according tothe sphere of life. Unless afflicted, it is good for marriage and friendship.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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