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The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Cancer is not a very harmonious combination, fire and water not being agreeable companions, many mistakes are apt to be made in life through the sympathetic impulsiveness of the individuality which is easily expressed through the personal, emotional, psychic and imaginative characteristics of Cancer. 

This combination gives intuition and confers the gift of prophecy and true dreaming but inclines somewhat towards sensation, increasing the imagination and the emotional and affectional nature. Appreciation of the beautiful in nature and art is intense and with suitable planetary positions the native may show considerable ability for paining, music or allied pursuits, also religious tendencies of a mystical or imaginative kind. This position tends to voyages and is, moreover, somewhat favorable for money and property. Unless afflicted, good parental heredity and congenial family influence are indicated.

Dr. A. Shanker

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