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The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries

The Sun in the sign Sagittarius inclines the individual towards science, philosophy, and religion. It gives much activity, and a restless spirit but a nature frank, hones, sincere, loyal and liberty loving. It gives a tendency to prophecy which will manifest itself according to the sign that the Moon may be placed in. In undeveloped egos there will be a rebellious and dominative spirit, but in the advance souls a love of law and order.

The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries

This is a combination of the fiery triplicity. It intensifies the activity but incl9ines the mind to be always rushing out impulsively; this is apt to give a somewhat exacting nature and a tendency towards discontent. Considerable restraint is therefore needed, otherwise too much mental energy will be expressed resulting in considerable changeableness and excitability.

There will be great desire to excel and sometimes to over-reach others; the passional nature is often active and the personality is very strong and tends to over-ride restraint. Impulse, energy, and activity predominate and may be expressed through almost any channel according to the strongest planet in the horoscope.

Unless aspects contradict the native will be generous ardent enthusiastic, willful, and sometimes rebellious; espousing causes or movements zealously and defending his friends as himself. There is an activity and vigour which may manifest either physically in muscular strength and bodily restlessness or socially through the feelings and emotions or mentally in intensity of purpose.

In a good horoscope can accomplish much for good by pioneering bringing about reforms, originating and improving. Under cross aspects may be too militant, aggressive, destructive and lacking in judicious restraint and calmness. Likely to travel and to change his residence and perhaps his occupation.

Dr. A. Shanker


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