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The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Scorpio

This combination gives much independence and self-reliance and an inclination towards materialism with ability to govern others though there is always a tendency to over-ride, domineer and master. It gives much pride and great amount of reserve, yet there is a tendency to be inquisitive and search into hidden secrets. These characteristics may vary greatly according to the planetary positions and aspects.

If Mars or Saturn are strongest, the native is very capable and practical but too hard, matter-of-fact and unyielding.


If Jupiter or Venus, there will be a lively imagination, active emotions and warm feelings. Unless well aspected, not good for health; may cause stoutness, and lymphatic temperament.


But there is generally much energy and activity, with a capable executive nature, in some cases a very strong, firm, decided character with an iron will.


Under “affliction” liable to very heavy buffets of fate; but with good aspects will accomplish and acquire much. Parents either die early or prove unsympathetic.
Dr. A. Shanker

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