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The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Libra

This gives a tendency to "second sight", some in inclination towards the occult and mystical and a love for all that is psychic, romantic and wonderful with leanings towards metaphysics and higher thought. A great deal depends upon planetary influences as to the working of this combination; in some cases, there will be no occult ability, bat business foresight instead.

There is a disposition to join some mystical brother-hoot. Under affliction this position causes an inharmonious marriage or in some cases death of marriage partner. Charitable and benevolent disposition; under bad aspects may suffer from enmity, treachery, deceit. A good and well-meaning nature that is sometimes apt to take the wrong path in life.

There may be some in harmony or misfortune, through one of the parents (depending upon which luminary is most afflicted). If both are well aspectged the native has an affectionate nature and is a well-disposed person, likely to have many friends and to marry well; will gain by marriage or partnership.

Dr. A. Shanker


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