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The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus

This is not a very good combination, although the lunar tendencies will reduce some of the positiveness of the Scorpio nature. It makes good medical men, however, giving remarkable intuition or instinct about disease.

It increases the approbatives and love of display of the Scorpio nature (without which the combination would not be so good), and gives success in business pursuits, the nature being very firm and determined. Indeed, the native will have considerable practical business ability, especially if associated with other people, either by partnership or in companies, etc.

In this and other directions he will have a fixed course of life and will be very persistent and persevering in following it out. Will be very unchanging and conservative in most habits and customs, both good and bad and hence is apt to live in a groove nearly all his life. The domestic and social side of the nature is well developed; and if planetary positions accord, music, art etc. may be cultivated.

Cheerful and generally good-natured, the native is fortunate (except when “cross-aspects” occur); but if undeveloped is apt to be very inert and slothful.


Dr. A. Shanker

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