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The Sun in Libra and moon in Capricorn!

This gives some musical ability and inclines also to neatness, orderliness and method which will show out in the habits of the mind if not of the outward life. It gives some amount of caution, prudence, worldly wisdom and sometimes also selfishness.

This latter mainly in the lower type of character in a higher type, it will show as self-control. The emotions and impulses are disciplined and well regulated. It is a good combination, but the mind is apt to be too material for the solar influence, leading it out into the external world.
It is favorable for popularity and public recognition. The ambitions will be achieved, and there will be considerable prominence in some sphere, but there is danger of downfall or reversal. There is likely to be some misfortune or in harmony connected with the parents.
Dr. A. Shanker

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