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The Sun in Libra and Moon in Cancer!

This combination in the cardinal group intensifies the sensitiveness and the emotional nature; it inclines to anxiety, especially with regard to home affairs. It also gives some changeableness, but with desires for progress; there is some psychic ability and inspiration, which may, however, remain latent owing to the ambitious tendency of the cardinal signs.
Hence this is to some extent a contradictory combination, for there is at the same time a sympathetic domesticated disposition, and yet a good deal of ability for a public life.
The outer nature will be quite different from the inner; and this polarity, like the last, varies a great deal with the strongest planet and the ascendant of the nativity. The parental nature, the attraction to family and relatives, is strong; and unless the Moon is "afflicted," there are considerable possessions. Moderately fortunate in other respects.

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