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The Sun in Virgo, The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aries

This gives an innately practical nature, with highly discriminative individuality. It tends to lead the whole of the lunar expression into practical methods, the discriminative faculties being called out as fully as possible. It connects the personality with maternal and family affairs the home instincts being strongly market.
The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aries
This gives very keen mental abilities, and tends to fit one to take the lead in any business affairs. The personality is mirthful, witty, active, sharp, impulsive and quick to foresee, while the solid nature of the solar influence behind it enables the whole combination to work harmoniously. The native is good at debate, argument and controversy; but is apt to be too independent and pugnacious mentally, and hence a little difficult to get on with.
He is too unyielding and exaggerates either his own importance or his abilities; if well educated he will have a good deal of pride in his own accomplishments, for there is some tendency to live too much in the head and the nature may be lacking in sympathy, so that selfishness will express itself when the will is thwarted; this will manifest itself in sarcastic and bitter speeches.
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