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The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini

This quickens the intellect and speech, giving general ability and bringing into activity all the mental expressions; but there is often loss of opportunity in the life, arising from irresolution. It will, however, bring those born under this combination into eminent position, which nevertheless may not be retained; it fits the native for receiving a good education and following some scientific or professional career in which intellect is more important than practical business ability.

He may gain public success and become a person of some note along these lines. Would do well as clerk, reporter, editor or in any literary capacity; in educational pursuits or as secretary, agent or traveler.

Is much concerned with relatives, especially brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts or cousins. He displays some reserve and also some lack of enterprise but he has good critical and judicial ability. Will change his occupation n or follow tow at once. Friendship and hospitality are marked features in this combination.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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