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The Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini

This is a harmonious combination in the airy triplicate, giving refinement, artistic tastes and oratorical ability. It gives a great love of knowledge and intensifies the intellectual aspirations, but also gives a liability to go to extremes, especially in mental pursuits.
The native is easily adaptable to different occupations, conditions or careers in life, their nature varying with the influence of the "ascendant" (or Rising Sign), - if the latter tends to domesticity, there will be much affection, emotion, and faithfulness; if to study or intellectual pursuits, there will be great ability in some such direction. Lives very harmoniously with brethren and the family, and is fortunate in travelling. Observant, versatile and with many interests; letter-writing will be a favorite occupations, or will in some way occupy a considerable amount of attention.
Some indecision may be displayed and a want of stability but this may easily be overcome; thought and feeling are blended in this combination which gives great influence over others, especially through power of speech.
Dr. A. Shanker

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