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The Sun in Libra, and Moon in Aries

The Sun in Libra!
This gives a very harmonious individuality, with a tendency to act through perception more than through reflection. The spiritual qualities of the sign are called out, and the higher mind seeks to equalize all the various combinations of the Moon.
There is a keen love of justice and great power of comparison, but there is also a certain sensitiveness in this sign, with very ambitious desires, especially on intellectual lines.
The Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries!
Reason and perception are well blended in this combination and there should be a great amount of mental refinement, with much ability in all mental pursuits. The personality is active, and the individuality quiet; The will power is fairly strong, hence the native is active, independent, and at times aggressive on the surface, but at heart more quiet, harmonious and affectionate; he/she is fond of change, and quick appreciate new ideas.
Unless the "ascendant" or the planetary positions contradict, he/she will have little or nothing of the slow, plodding virtues and will be at times impatient and lacking in perseverance. An inharmonious marriage is probable, few being able to respond to the ideals of this combination; but there is much power in this blend, and those possessing it can obtain much influence over others.
Physically this combination is very good for all who love athletics. It brings success in all gymnastic affairs, the spine and muscular system being very supple; but there is some liability to head troubles.
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