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The Sun in Leo and Moon in Virgo

The Moon is in the first sign from the Sun. This gives good business instincts, ideally and chastity, with a tendency, however, to be very critical, restless and anxious. There is ability either for music and literature, or chemistry, hygiene, etc., in fact for many subjects where the ideal and practical are blended.

It also fits those under its influence to hold responsible subordinate posts as head servants either in public or private life. It is a combination that achieves success, yet is sometimes lacking in practical enterprise, although always fertile in resource. May succeed better through other people than when working on their own account.

Fairly fortunate, but if Moon is afflicted, it will find themselves constantly thwarted. Are apt to think their work somewhat beneath them, that they do not get their deserts, that they are fitted for better positions than they occupy. With a favorable horoscope, at their best they are good practical workers and can accomplish much. They fraternize readily with others.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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