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The Sun in Leo and Moon in Scorpio

This combination gives some austerity, with an inclination to be rather hard, and at times proud and arrogant; there is much love of show. Persons born under this influence very often have their internal Leo nature quite hidden under this hard exterior.

The native is much attracted by the senses; this may take a high or a low form, passionate, emotional or mental according to the general condition of the whole horoscope. In love affairs or where sensation is concerned there is danger of going to excesses, and this should be guarded against for a reckless or careless life would injure or disease the heart. 

Not fortunate for the mother or the wife; there is liability to separation from or death of one of them. Very fixed and determined nature; ardent, but at times too positive, worldly, and sensual. The native would make a good magnetic.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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