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The Sun in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius

This is a very good combination, belonging to the fiery multiplicity, but it gives restlessness, and a great inclination to go to extremes especially in religious matters or affairs of the heart. A benevolent and good-heated disposition, with sometimes too much impulse and a lack of caution or self-restraint.

Active sympathies. Intuitive foresight, in some cases. Will show much activity in religion or some humanitarian or philanthropic work; but in lower natures this may show as the pursuit of pleasure, love of sports, athletics etc.

The Moon is in the fifth sign from the Sun, and therefore in perfect harmony with it. There is much hope and joy in the nature and a great love of pleasure, this being a hopeful and successful combination and a good polarity for health if native does not overdo it, it will travel for pleasure.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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