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The Sun in Leo and Moon in Leo

Combination gives a very independent nature, making those born under it rather self-centered and somewhat proud, but very kind-heart and generous; they are capable of holding their own under great difficulties, though they are apt to go to extremes. It often gives reserve, yet with a great desire for affection from others. 

This combination gives much intuition, and great ability as teachers or for work in connection with schools, concerts, pleare parties and amusements. There is plenty of vitablity, energy and resource, with some fondness for show, either in position or appearance.

The native, if a public speaker, will be rhetorical and poetical or high flown, and in writing, much the same; there is in fact some ostentation in the character. He has plenty of friends, by whom he may benefit; and he is a person of some note in his sphere; he will rise in life, or will make the acquaintance of those in superior positions.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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