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The Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius

This combination is equivalent to the moon being in opposition to the Sun. It acts as a 7th house influence, causing the personality to go out to many indiscriminately; yet it gives intuition and ability to judge human nature quickly, together with some very marked occult tendencies, refinement, much determination and will-power. 

The native is independent and good-nature and sociable too, but with some exterior reserve. Adapted to a public career or to occupy some position in connection with local or general political or ruling bodies, and if the horoscope is a fortunate one, he will rise in life; for his combination is good for marriage and friendship as well as popularity. The health is good unless the Sun is 'afflicted' by bad aspects of planets, in which case rheumatic, heart or kidney troubles may result. The circulation is apt to suffer.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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