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The Sun in Leo and Moon in Aries!

The Sun in Leo
The Sun in Leo gives a good moral nature; it makes the individuality very sincere and ardent in all matters of affection, firm, self-reliant, sincere, magnanimous, sometimes austere, and determined. All combinations from this solar center will be strengthened by the individuality. Many of the experiences of the life will be in connection with love affairs, matters of the heart and the inner feelings.
The Sun in Leo and Moon in Aries
This is a harmonious combination belonging to the fiery triplicate, and there is a love of philosophy and a tendency towards religious thought; determination and love of leadership are marked characteristics. It gives a very persistent, dominant, enthusiastic, and energetic nature, with much combativeness, though the combativeness of Aries is subdued by the Leo influence; but there is a necessity for restraint where feeling is concerned. It gives success in life, for the native is independent, and can make his own way, being self-reliant, firm and positive (though generous and good humored); so that he will form his own opinions and not be led by others. He will travel for pleasure, if circumstances permit.
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