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The Sun in Gemini, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries...

The Sun in Gemini as the motive force behind the lunar expression gives a dualistic, restless and irritable tendency, the desires always running on intellectual lines. The individual character will be dual in expression, so that there is less permanency than in either of the foregoing solar positions. Nevertheless, the will power is strong, and there is some pride or love of pedigree.

The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries

The combination gives a very mental nature, making those born under it given to intellectual pursuits, studious and fond of expressing their thoughts; yet there is a danger of the personality going to extremes and becoming too independent, also somewhat too changeable. But in all intellectual matters, it is a very powerful combination. It gives a very ambitious spirit and strengthens the assertiveness. 

The nature is a very positive one, somewhat lacking in sympathy and feeling, and there is a liability to live too much in the head thus giving danger of brain troubles. There  is also a tendency to become erratic, and to be too self-willed. The nature is lacking in calmness, steadiness, self-control and perseverance, is combative, and disobedient. Witty, and sharp-tongued, with a talent for drawing and sculpture. Likely to travel. 

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