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The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo

Excellent combination, the mercurial elements coming out forcibly and inclining the mind to be studious, critical and analytical. It gives a great love for chemistry, with humanitarian views; inclines to a study of the laws of hygiene. With regard to the mind, however, it is a very sensitive combination; there is apt to be trustfulness and a melancholic tendency, so that if worry or anxiety be given way to, the nervous system suffers considerably.

Persons born under this combination may obtain great benefit through nursing and serving others; also by their critical talent; but should avoid irritability, which is apt to mar the finer qualities. They can be very impartial and judicial, seeing equally both sides of a question, hence make good lawyers. Are apt to be changeable, undecided, and lacking in perseverance, so that they do not always get credit for all the abilities they possess. They do well when working for others, and both good and bad fortune comes to them largely through relatives.

This position gives a strong will and some subtlety when perverted there is a liability to indecision or duplicity.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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