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The Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio

This position gives a certain amount of vanity and self-esteem, the feelings being very strong and intense. There is much reserve and concentrated force, with a good deal of secretiveness. A good education is very necessary with this combination, otherwise there is a tendency for those born with it to  be far too easily influenced by environment and surrounding conditions, so that they get in a groove, hence are very conservative, except when opposed or angered.

Jealousy and pride may cause the downfall of those who are born under this combination, since there is always a considerable amount of determination for good or evil, and unless the latter is restrained the nature will become a very selfish one.

Good vitality, under bad aspects there is a danger of accidents, and some kinds of business, fond of money, sensuous. Appetites and passions need curbing. Success in life will come through persistent determination and dogged self-reliance and stubbornness.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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