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The Sun in Aries and Moon Pisces

This combination is not altogether a harmonious one, the action of the Sun being too strong for the lunar position, producing a discontented, resless and often worrying nature.  But it tones down considerably the impulsiveness of Aries and when the two are working harmoniously, it increases the kindliness of the nature and gives a love of the occult, the profound and mysterious.

Usually, however, much sorrow comes into the life, which causes those born under it to think more deeply than those under most of the Aries combinations. Under bad aspects they may suffer from scandal or slander and from secret enmity but they must guard themselves against behaving in the same way to other people. There is a danger in a bad horoscope of untruthfulness, dishonesty, want of candour.

Otherwise, in this combination the personality is charitable, sympathetic and philanthropic, being very receptive to all the impressions coming from the higher nature but it must be peaceful and harmonious or the Solar force will be too strong and cause the Moon to receive too many evil impressions. This position gives success in connection with public institutions, asylums etc., and confers some authority of a quite and unobtrusive kind; it is favorable for veterinary work.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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