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The Sun in Aries and Moon in Capricorn

This combination gives an intense love of fame. The naturally saturnine qualities of the Moon are accentuated, and the personality made exacting and inclined to fluctuating moods. It gives remarkable imagination and splendid ability in all practical methods concerned with gaining popularity.
This combination increases the increases the inquisitiveness of the personality and gives a very determined and positive nature. Cleverness is much appreciated and persons in a higher rank of society are sometimes worshipped. This is a very sensitive combination and the brain is a very receptive one, especially to the mental conditions of others.

It is a good business polarity, also for all pursuits depending upon energy and force of character being masterful and ambitious, sometimes also worldly and materialistic. It inclines to a public career, but tact and diplomacy are often over-ridden by impulse and self-assertiveness for this position weakens the self-esteem while it increases the love of approbation.

It causes those under its influence to aim for leadership and to domineer rather than to rule over others. They love wealth for the power it gives. It favors uncommon pursuits and brings success through force of character. In a bad horoscope, a hard, selfish, ill-tempered, gloomy nature. There is a tendency to weakness of digestion or bowels.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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