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Sun impact in Taurus: The Sun in Taurus and moon in Aries

The Sun in Taurus!
sun GIFThe Sun in Taurus makes the individual character behind each lunar expression more firm, plodding, enduring and determined; but there will be a tendency to move more slowly and act more cautiously, quietly and practically than with the Sun in Aries. We have here expression of the Sun from a sign that is the 'exaltation' of the Moon, each combination with therefore tend to strengthen the personality more than the individuality which lies behind the personal expression.

The Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aries!

This combination gives a very strong personality. There is a tendency to be impulsive, headstrong and rather too dogmatic. There is a considerable amount of persistence, tenacity and exactitude and the abilities are by no means under rated. 

There is plenty of reserve power behind all the force that is expended and when those born under this combination make up their minds to carry out any purpose in life, they nearly always succeed; but they expect a great deal from others and manifest a stubborn desire to make others conform to their requirements. They prefer their own methods to those of other people being enterprising and independent sometimes willful and wrong headed.

Fitted for positions of some prominence and responsibility. Under affliction, or when the system is run down, the head or nervous system will suffer. This is a combination which gives success in life through energy and the desire to excel. It is fairly fortunate in worldly matters and favors enterprise the spirit of daring and all matters where a determined will is required. It gives good constructive power and the ability to organise. Prosperity is obtained through perseverance. The moral nature is usually very strong.

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