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Impacts of Venus ‘Mahadasha’!

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'Dasha' and 'Mahadasha' of the planets in any horoscope has a direct impact on the ups and down in our life.

In fact, all planets have their magnitude in Jataka’s life, but the planet with the ‘Mahadasha’ in any horoscope brings significant sudden changes in anyone’s life.

‘Mahadasha’ of planet Venus lasts for 20 years. A strong Venus gives a lot in life. This is the planet which gives the quick affluent growth in native’s life. It refers to all materialistic comforts such as vehicles, own house, property and good married life.

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A strong Venus gives boost to romantic life with their partners as well as a good bonding with the female friends. 

For materialistic comforts, it is important that planet Venus has its strong position in the horoscope. Planet Venus gives excellent results when placed in 1st, 4th, 7th and the 10th house from the center. But on the contrary, it is inauspicious while in 6th, 8th and 12th.

Good Venus gives beauty but if it is with the Sun, it gives arrogance too.

The position of Venus affects the results of ‘Mahadasha’. But its impact slowdown during the childhood and in old age.

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Planet Venus gives good results only when there is no Illusion with Rahu and Ketu. Else it will remain quiet with no good or bad impact. If Venus is in your house, i.e. Libra or Taurus Rashi or if it is exalted with Pisces, then it will be surely fruitful but we have to be more accurate to understand other factors too in any horoscope.

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