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General Enunciations of Yogas and its theory

  • Yoga planets though attaining negative character still retain their yoga character.
  • Yoga planets or those that are in their stars give beneficial effects while Avayoga ones give malefic results.
  • Yoga planet must be in positive Rāśi, Bhava or Star while
  • Avayogi must be in negative Rāśi, Bhava or Star or Eclipsed.
  • If 6, 8 and 12 Bhavas are Zero Rāśis, good results arise; viz. no enemy, no debt and no loss.
  • Positive planets in negative Rāśis give tolerable good results when retrograde.
  • Negative planets should not be retrograde as they become more powerful to do evil.
  • Rahu and Ketu are natural negatives. When they are in Zero- Rāśis they become extremely good. Of them Rahu is exceptionally good.
  • Weigh your judgement from the position and condition of the steller lord.
  • Negative planets in Zero-Rāśi or negative Rāśi or Bhava are good but become bad if they are retrograde.
  • Of the 2 Rāśis owned by a planet (except Sun and Moon who own only one Rāśi) that Bhava which is Zero-Rāśi suffers and not the other. If that planet is powerfully and positively situated it does more harm to the Zero-Rāśi-Bhava but may give good of the other Bhava. If on the other hand such a planet be negatively placed or eclipsed the effect of the Zero Rāśi-Bhava becomes good while the other goes bad.
  • Planets in conjunction with or aspected by Yoga or Avayoga planet imbibe their character also in addition to their own.
  • Duplicate Yogi in the star of birth yogi or vice-versa confers high yoga.
  • Avayogi in enemy's star is good.
  1. Positive planet in positive Bhava and positive Rāśi – good
  2. Positive planet in positive Bhava but negative Rāśi – reduced good
  3. Positive planet in negative Bhava or negative Rāśi orEclipsed but not Retrograde – bad
  4. Positive planet if under 3 above, it be Retrograde – a little better
  5. Positive planet in positive star – good
  6. Positive planet in negative star – bad
  7. Positive planet though in negative Bhava or Rāśi if it is in its own star – good after hurdles
  8. Negative planet in positive Bhava and positive Rāśi not being eclipsed causes - bad
  9. Negative Planet in positive Bhava but negative Rāśi or set gives -good.
  10. Negative Planet in negative Bhava -good
  11. Negative Planet in all negative positions and set gives excellent results.
  12. Negative Planet in positive star -bad
  13. Negative Planet in negative star -very good
  14. A planet (positive better, negative not bad) in Yoga star gives good results.
  15. Positive planet in enemy's star is bad, but negative planet in enemy's star is good.
  16. A planet of the Yogi-group gives good while that of Avayogi group causes evil.
  17. A planet in conjunction with or aspected by Yogi becomes good while with Avayogi becomes bad.
  18. Yogi in Negative Bhava or Rāśi - Not much good.
  19. Yogi, though owning Negative Rāśi or Bhava gives some good at least.
  20. Duplicate Yogi also acts as Birth Yogi.
  21. Avayogi in the positive star is Bad.
  22. Avayogi in Negative Bhava, Rāśi or Star or Eclipsed becomes good.
  23. Avayogi in the star of Birth Yogi or Duplicate Yogi gives Yoga after hurdles.
  24. Avayogi as lord of Zero-Rāśi - good.
  25. Avayogi getting worse, increases the prosperity vice-versa.
  26. Avayogi in his enemy's star gives good results.
  27. Rahu and Ketu in Zero Rāśi or in the star of the lord of Zero
  28. Rāśi give favourable results.
  29. Rahu and Ketu even with Avayogi or in his star give good.
  30. Rahu in the star of Ketu is good and not Ketu in Rahu star as in the latter case he goes to his enemy's star.
  31. A Retrograde planet in Negative Rāśi is protected from falling down.
  32. The effect of a planet gets modified by the condition, situation, conjunction or aspect of its stellar lord.
  33. When there is mutual exchange between the Steller Lords of any two planets the effect of the one will be felt during the period of the other.
  34. Of the two Rāśis owned by the planet, if one is positive and the other Negative the effects will be varied.
  35. If Lagna be in Birth Yoga Star he will be prosperous from birth to death. Reverse will be the case if born in Avayoga Star.
Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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