Moon as a planet!

Moon as a planet promotes lust, relationships , preference to a lady other than wife and has themes of Live In Relationships / sex before marriage / ill legal children or conceptions when in conjunction with other planets in signs/nakshatras.
Moon was responsible for having an ill legitimate relationships with Tara (wife of Jupiter who go attracted to Moon AS Jupiter was busy with work ) and produced Mercury (ill - legitimately & this is the theme of live in etc today). Tara came back to Jupiter after he was helped by Indra & the child got the name of Jupiter (theme of adoption).

Moon also was more attached to ROHINI and the whole story of curse - then Shiva (Somnath) helping Moon. Depicts the jealousy in relationships, multiple relationships, preferences and attractions that are not as per rules.

The placement of moon and conjunction with Mercury, Saturn and Rahu must be watched. The Nakshatra is terms of Characteristics MUST be taken into consideration with the CONJUNCTIONS. Do not have the SPACE to explain that but example Krittika promotes adoption, Mrigashira relatioships and of course Ashlesha is POISON & so on - just sporadic examples.

Moon - conjunction, Nakshatra, lordship of the Nakshatra lord, pada and Navamsha ETC - all must be analysed to look at this aspect.

We astrologers at times understand the hidden secrets and keep quiet and that is what is told in Shastras. Astrology is about getting connected to some force and that force tells to the person in front of you . It is all a KARMIC PLAY - even the astrologer you visit and the predictions. Astrology is spiritual and one must cultivate the connect to COUNSEL.


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