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Results of Saturn’s transit to Virgo

For the past two years and five months, Saturn has been transiting through Leo. He is now at 27° 38’ and will enter Virgo on September 09.2009. He will remain there until November 15, 2011. This transit will produce different results for different signs. Unlike western astrology where Sun sign is considered paramount, the transit results in Hindu astrology are based on the sign where Moon is placed. This sign becomes the Rashi of the person whose chart is being studied. Rashi and the Nakshatra (Constellation) that fall in it play a very important part in predictions.

The results given below are pretty accurate but will be modified by several factors in the horoscope. For example, if Saturn is passing through a house where he gets 4 or more Ashtak Varga points, his results will be commensurate with increasing number. Ashtak Varga is the net result of the interaction of planetary energies and is arrived at by mathematically scrutinizing the placement of other planets in the chart.

His transit through Nakshatra (Constellation) that are ruled by him or his close friends will give favorable results or will reduce the intensity of unfavorable events.

We have used term 'Paya' several times and this needs some explaining.

Saturn is deemed to have feet of gold, silver, copper and iron as he passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac. The following table gives a detailed idea of transit and its results. Silver and copper feet give favorable results while gold and iron do the opposite.

Shani Charan Vichar
Transit position


1st, 6th, 11th from Janma Chandra
Strained relations with extended family, financial drain, false accusations.
2nd, 5th, 9th from Janma Chandra
Gains of/from real estate, smooth relations with extended family, gains from government.
3rd, 7th, 10th from Janma Chandra
Receipt of happy news, success in all spheres, gains from government, financial prosperity.
4th, 8th, 12th from Janma Chandra
Domestic troubles and unhappiness, Losses in business and profession, unsound health and strained relations with relatives. Enemies create troubles.

Saturn transits the sixth house and because his ‘Paya’ is gold, he will bring about hardships. Saturn’s transit through sixth house is otherwise beneficial so problems will keep getting created and solved!

Saturn will transits the fifth house for Taurus people and will create difficulties in profession and higher studies. His ‘Paya’ is iron so financial issues and family dissensions will keep them on edge.

Saturn will pass through the fourth house. Problems connected to real estate, residential accommodation and profession will crop up. Saturn’s ‘Paya’ is gold so unexpected expenditure will cause tensions.

For cancer people, the Sade-Sati comes to an end. They can breathe easy and look forward to solution of some projects, which have been stuck for a while. Saturn has a ‘Paya’ of copper so expect receipt of happy news, success in all spheres, gains from government and financial prosperity. Mars transits Cancer from October 05, 2009 so expenses, tension and excitability will increase.

Saturn moves to the second house and strains your finances. There is a drain on the bank account. Saturn has a Paya of silver so every so often there will be financial gains as well.

Saturn enters the lunar ascendant so the effects of Sade-Sati will be on full display. You are right in the middle of 7 ½ year period. Saturn’s Paya is iron so expenses will exceed income. You may have to take a loan to tide over the current situation.

Saturn’s Sade-Sati begins. Domestic and professional challenges increase. Saturn has a 'Paya' of copper so favorable results will also be there. Expect sudden and unexpected gains and progress in endeavors that have stagnated for some time.

Saturn looks at Scorpio from his placement in the eleventh house and causes problems connected to family. Saturn however gives good results in the eleventh so there will be gains of money and enjoyment of life.

Saturn falls in the tenth house so expect hurdles in profession and complications in real estate matters. Saturn’s 'Paya' is however silver so money will be available throughout.

Saturn passes through the ninth house for this lunar ascendant. Ninth is the house of Dharma (righteous duty) and good fortune. Both are negatively affected by this transit. Sibling rivalry increases and spats are not ruled out. Expenses increase and outstrip income. Mental tension increases.

Saturn transits the eighth house and increases expenses and profession related problems. His 'Paya' is copper so money supply will be adequate. Projects suffer some delay but end happily.

Saturn transits the seventh house and causes resource-expenditure mismatch. Tension and secret worries increase. Saturn has a 'Paya' of silver so money will be available throughout this transit.

What is Sade-Sati?
Planet Saturn takes two and a half years to transit one Rashi or Zodiac sign. When Saturn passes through the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses from Moon in a horoscope, he gives good results like happiness, prosperity and enjoyment of physical pleasures of all types.

His transit through other houses usually gives bad results. Saturn’s transit through the 5th and 8th house is considered especially troublesome.

However when Saturn transits through the twelfth, the first and the second house from Moon in a horoscope, the phenomenon is called Sade sati. This is so as Saturn takes a total of seven and a half years in passing through these three houses.

The results of this passage are often vexing and troublesome though they are not all bad. Some good results also accrue.

When you will have Sade-Sati?
Your Sade-Sati begins when Saturn enters the twelfth house from Moon Rashi. In the context of the present transit, Sade-Sati begins for people who have Moon in Leo.

What are possible effects?
According to Hindu astrology Sade-Sati usually results in feet related problems and migraine type head aches. Heavy and wasteful expenditure takes its toll on savings. Progeny, especially male issues face difficulties and insulting situations. This period also brings about health related issues and the general health of the person is less than adequate. Mental tensions mount relentlessly and separation from family takes place.

Remedial measures for Sade Sati
1. Recitation of Pipplad Uvaach, a four line Sanskrit hymn in praise of Lord Saturn is very helpful in overcoming the problems caused by him. The Sanskrit text with English pronunciation of Pipplad Uvaach can be downloaded from internet.

2. The Shani Mantra recited 108x3 times every day is also very helpful. The easiest mantra is


3. Offerings of mustard oil, Urad Dal, iron implements, raw sugar, and black sesame seeds every Saturday are very effective.

4. Praying in a Shiva temple every Saturday and offering milk-water mixture while chanting OM NAMAHA SHIVAYE works wonders.

5. Fasting on Saturdays and eating one time meal without spices and salt also helps.

6. Wearing an iron ring made from a horseshoe removed from the right front foot of a black horse is another excellent remedy.

7. The ring can also be made from a nail removed from the bottom of a boat.

There is nothing to be afraid of a Sade Sati. Ups and downs are a fact of life. We all learn from adversities and they are a harsh but effective teacher. Life is a journey best traveled by keeping eyes wide open, mouth firmly closed and mental filing system busy.

In the next blog, results of Jupiter’s transit.

Rajiv Sethi

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