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Mantra for Venus (Sukra)

The planet Venus (Sukra) means a nature benefice planet like guru in Hindu astrology. Sukra means “bright” and “potency” in Sanskrit. Venus is the karaka of spouse, love, luxury, beauty, prosperity and fine arts. Sukra, is known as the teacher of Rakshasas. Guru (Jupiter) is the welfare minister while sukra is the cultural minister in the cabinet of the planets. The main concern of Sukra will be to provide culture development. A prominent Sukra in the chart will give the native wealth, artful taste and proficiency in fine arts. An afflicted Sukra would cause hormonal problems, glandular malfunctions like diabetes. Propitiation to Sukra will bring about union in the estranged couple, will bestow wealth and gives the native orientation towards enjoyment of life.

Venus is worshiped on sarwarth siddhi yoga during shukla paksha on Friday. If Pushya Nakshatra is on that day, it is even better. The rosary of safatik (crystal) or pearl is used. Some scholars’ advice use of rudraksha or tulsi mala for japa of the mantra. The idol for worship should be silver in colour. The sage of the Mantra is Vishvedeva. The metre is tristup. The deity is Shukra. This mantra is to be chanted for sixteen thousand times. For better results, the devotee is advised to perform homas with scented white flowers for twenty one Fridays or with the twigs of gular. The mantra for recital is:


Om Annatparisrutati  mantrasye Vishvedeva rishi, tristup chand, shukro devta, shukro pritye jape viniyoga||


Vishvedeva  rishiye namah sirshi, tristup chandse namo mukhe, shukro devtayee namo hridayee, shukar  pritye jape viniyogayee namah sarvange||


Om annatparisarutam  angustabhyam namah (Touch the thumb with index finger), rasam brahmana vyapibt tarjani bhayam namah, (Touch the index fingers with thumb), ksyam payam prajapati madhyama bhyam namah (Touch the middle fingers with thumb) riten satyemindriyam vipan shukarmandsa anamikabhyam namah (Touch the ring fingers with thumb), indersayeinderymidam  kanistika bhayam namah (Touch the little fingers with thumb), payomritam madhu kartalkarpristhabhayam namah (Touch the back of the palms)

Annatparisaruta hridayae namah (Touch your heart with your hand), rasam brahmana vyapibt  sirse swah (Touch your head) ksyam payam prajapati sikhayee vast (Touch your hairs), riten satyemindriyam vipan shukarmandsa  kavchayee hum (Touch your right shoulder with left hand and left with right), indersayeinderymidam netartrayee vaushat (Touch your eyes) payomritam madhu astrayee phat (clap, after taking circle around your head)

Dhyana verse
Take pink flowers in your hands and do dhyana as under.

Dandi detya guru swami shukra shewat chaturbhuja|
Vardoabhyahastachaye kamandaludhara sada||

After dhyana perform mental pooja of Venus as under.

Lam Prithvivyatmak Shukrayee namah gandham parikalpyami|
Ham Aakashatmak Shukrayee namah Pushpam parikalpyami|
Yam Vyaayatmak Shukrayee namah dhupam parikalpyami|
Ram Brahmyatmak Shukrayee namah dipam parikalpyami|
Vam Lalatmak Shukrayee namah navedyam parikalpyami|

Now perform pooja of Venus by taking rosary in the hand and recite the following mantra for the rosary.

Ma male mahamale sarvshakti sawrupani|
Chaturvargsstavyinayeesatsamanmam sidhidabhav||

Now start reciting mantra facing towards east direction. Venus mantra for recital is as under.

||The Venus Mantra||
Om dram drim drom sa om bhur bhuva swah om annat parisruto rasmbrahmana vyapibatakshtrampayee somam prajayati| riten satyamindrayam vipan sukarmandhsindersaye inderyee midmpayo mritam madhu A om swah bhuva bhu om sa drom drim dram om Shukrayee namah||

||Shukra Gayatri Mantra||
Om Bharguvanshtajaya vidyamahe Shevatvahanaya dhimahi tanna Kavi Parchodayat||

||Venus bij mantra||
Om dara dri droo sah Shukraya Namah||

The Venus mantra for recital:

Om dra dri droo sah bhraguve Namah||

Om Shum shukraaya Namah||

Om Vastram me dehe shukraya swah||

The above mantra is to be recited for sixteen thousand times. 1/10 of homa be done as tarpan and 1/10 of that should be marzan. After that the devotee should donate articles of Venus.

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