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Ganesh Yantra

In Hindu mythology Shri Ganesha is revered as the son of the Shiva and Parvati, and is always honoured first in most worship services and rituals. Ganesha is also known as Ganapati, Vigneswara (one who destroys hurdles), Vinayaka, Gajamukha and Ainkaran. He is worshipped for siddhi, success in undertakings, and buddhi, intelligence. His worship is considered auspicious before any venture is started, may it business, the building of a house or the writing of a book or even undertaking a journey. He is also the God of education, knowledge wisdom, literature, fine arts, the design God of wisdom who removes all obstacles.

 Benefit from Ganesha worship
The one who worships Ganesha is blessed with success in his work, business, undertaking and desires. Ganesha pooja can be performed through idol or through Ganesha yantra. Ganapati or Ganesha, the Lord of Ganas, the elephant headed God, represents the power of the Supreme being that removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavours.

 Ucchist Mahaganpati yantra
This yantra is of Maha Ganapati. This yantra bestows son’s wealth, comforts, grandsons and all cherished dreams. From Ashtmi of bright half till chaturdashi if someone does eighty five hundred japas and 1/10 of japas as homa, his all wishes are fulfilled. If this yantra is being used in attraction purpose of higher Govt. officials or minister then take four thousand flowers of Dhatura and offer them to lord Ganesha while reciting the mantra as given below. Ucchatan is done with one thousand offering with the twigs of neem. While worshipping Shri Chakra (Shri Yantra) this yantra is also worshipped. The mantra for recital is:-

 Om namo bhagwate ekdanstraya hastimukhaya lammodraya uchchistmahatmane aam krom hrim gan ghege ucchist swah||

The sage of the mantra is Matang bhagwan rishi, metre gayatri, ucchist mahaganpati devta, gam bijam, swah shakti, hrim kilkam, application of the mantra is for all cherished dreams. The mantra is to be recited for one hundred thousand times. The yantra is carved on copper, gold, silver or bhojpatra with asthgandh with the stylus of pomegranate.

Dhyana verse
Om shrandhanu pashsarni savhasteerddhanmarktsaroruhstham| Vivsatrpatnyam suratparvartmuchistmmbasutmasharayaham||

Gayatri Yantra

Gayatri Devi is Maha Devi and deity of Shri Gayatri yantra. Reference of Gayatri Mantra comes in Shukla Yajurveda (36: 3) and the mantra is considered most auspicious in the Vedic chronology.

Gayatri Yantra is bestowal of knowledge of Vedas, religion, business and salvation. This yantra is kept in house or business place. By the sincerer use of this yantra, one cannot be affected by souls, spirits and is blessed with health, wealth and happiness. In case, a house or man is afflicted by souls and spirits, the yantra after pooja be dipped in water, and water is sprinkled in house for a week, all spirits etc., will vanish. This yantra washes away all sins of the devotee if he worships the yantra in letter and spirit.

 Gayatri worship
The Gayatri worship is done on the top of the mountain, bank of a river, temple, under the shade of peepal tree etc. When the Moon is in auspicious hora, Gayatri worship is considered best for the devotee. For Gayatri yantra sadhana one has to be complete vegetarian. Take only rice and milk once during a day during the pooja period of the yantra as food. The bed used during the Gayatri sadhna should be of durva grass and the devotee has to remain isolated for forty days.

During Gayatri yantra sadhna jyestha, asadh, bhadrapad, pusha and malmasa; Tuesday, Saturday; Vayatipat, and vaidarti yoga; ashtami, navmi, chaturthi, trodashi, chaturdashi, Amavasya, pardosh, night, yam, agni, Rudra, sarp, inder, vasu, shravan, and birth constellation, Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Aquarius, and Capricorn all are prohibited. The Gayatri worship should be started during poornima in the Hora of Moon.

The mantra is to be recited for thirty two hundred thousand times. The devotee should divide the japas equally and the number should not change. The Gayatri mantra is cursed by our sages (Brahma, Vashisth and Vishvamitra) hence, the devotees are advised to first do the Shapvimochan (A appeal or prayer for good fortune) of the mantra before recital, to reap the desired fruits.

Om karasya brahma rishirgayatri chanda parmatma devata, om Bhurbhuva svariti mahavyahritinam parmesthi prajapatir rishir gayatriushninustubhschandashi agni vayusurya devta Om tatsavituritasya vishvamitra rishir gayatri chanda savita devta jape viniyoga||

Mantra For Recital
Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Tatsyavitur Vareniyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhi Mahi Dhiyo Yona Prachodyat||

Some usages of Gayatri yantra after realization

1. After realization of the yantra in case of disease, recite the mantra for ten times and exorcism the patient, who will be cured.

2. As and when one has to do any job, recite the mantra and everything would be in order. When a house is affected by souls etc., recite the mantra for four days and sprinkle the water in the house, all evils will go.

3. In case of siddhi of any Yantra, recite the mantra and draw a line and sit inside the line and perform japa of yantra. Siddhi of yantra will be attained. Many other uses can be made of Gayatri Yantra.

4. Before pooja of any yantra worship Gayatri yantra with the mantra. It helps in attaining success.

5. If a man dies with unnatural death, japa of this mantra leads him to salvation.

6. A native afflicted with souls, can be treated successfully. Give a smoke of guggal, dhoop and white mustard to native and recite ten times the mantra, purify the water, sprinkle the water and water be taken by the native. All effects will go.

7. For gain of wealth use fresh flower of Juhi or Red Lotus. Also can use samidhas (portion of wood use in Homa for agni) of Bilva tree, its leaves, flowers fruit or its root with pure ghee in Homa.

8. Samidhas of Shami, Bilva or Visheshar Aak or their flowers with ghee be used in Homa for acquisition of Gold, wealth etc.

9. Dip the leaves of bilva in ghee and use in Homa. This makes the devotee wealthy.

10. Round balls of Guggal be used in Homa with Ghee to be a fortunate.

11. One is blessed with wealth and prosperity when til and barley are used with ghee in Homa.

12. Following samput are used in Gayatri Mantra for reaping more benefit from it. After the word (Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah) use the following words as samput for the specific purposes indicated below and then the mantra be recited.

(Om aeeng kaleeng soo) This Samput is used for proficiency in words.

(Om Shareeng hareeng shareeng) This samput is used for wealth and comforts.

(Om Aeeng hareeng kaleeng) Enemies are destroyed, troubles and worries vanish and native is blessed with joy and happiness through the use of this samput.

(Om Shareeng hareeng kaleeng) Through the use of this samput, one is blessed with progeny and one enjoys sexual bliss.

(Om hareeng) By candid use of this samput, one recovers from diseases.

(Om aeeing hareeng kaleeng) This samput when used blesses the devotee with protection from all evil forces. His hopes and wishes are realized.

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