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Mantras for Nakshatras - Part 7


Lord Varun is the Lord of Shatabhisha Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is brave, clever, a frugal eater and knowledgeable about time. He may be having bad habits, acting without thinking, not under anybody’s control and victorious over enemies. He may be stingy, having relationship with other women and desirous of staying abroad. Such a person is by nature a person of high thinking, ambitious, living a simple life, religious and fond of Saints and Sages.

Shatabhisha  Nakshatra control the knees and the centre of heel  and these are afflicted with effect of malefic planets . In order of  appease him, one should worship him daily with saffron , incense sticks, lotus flower, camphor ,sandalwood  dhoop , and ghee lamb and polika . On the day of   shatabhisha naksatra, one should worship lord Varun and offerings should be ghee and chitranna . One should wear a lotus flower in a silver amulet on one arm or heart. Perform homa while mixing lotus mool and Aajyadadhiodan and recite the following mantras hundred and eight times.

Om vavrunsyootmbhanmasivavrunsaysakambh  
Sarjanistaho vavrunasaya
 sadanmasi vavrunasya  ritsadamasi ||
om vam varunaya apapanpatye namah||

Image result for Purva Bhadrapada nakshatraAjackpad is the Lord of Purvabhadrapaad Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is an aggressive, powerful and bold speaker, soft, happy and blessed with children. He may have control over his sense, be cleaver at all arts and have an amazing intellect. He may be a fraud, cowardly, sad hearted, dominated by his wife, wasting time uselessly and prone to sleeping for long.

Purvabhadrapaad Nakshatra controls the legs, elbow, knees and thumbs. When malefic planets transits and shows their effect, there is a possibility of ailments of knee, elbow,legs,under sole cracks,palpitation and intestines. To ward of the malefic effect the native should recite following Vedic mantra for one thousand times. Homa should be performed with this mantra and twinges of bhringarag mool and ksheerajya sharkara. It is performed on Thursday, the day of the Purvabhadrapaad Nakshatra, for special benefits.

Om Utnoahirbudhnayee shrnotvaj ekpathprithvi samudra vishvedeva artavardho huvanastatuta mantra kavishassta ayantu||
Om ajeekapde namah||


Image result for Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatraAbhirbundhya is the lord of Uttarabhadrapaad. A person born in this constellation may be pleasant natured, determined, liberal with a beautiful physique, emotional, philosophical, secular, peace loving, fond of society, prone to acting only after giving it a lot of thought and having an independent and original viewpoint. He may be lazy in routine matters, fond of studies and well behaved like a person of a good family. He may be progressive, recipient of special honour from women but prone to a sudden assault and troubled by enemies. He may receive special, honour in the state and may be the pillar of society.

Uttarabhadrapaad Nakshatra controls legs nerves and veins of the legs and these are afflicted when malefic effect and get relief from aliment, one should perform Homa and conduct recitations of Mahamritunjayashtak, vashisth kalpokta mahamrityunjay mantra, adityahasta stotra and suryarthavasheensham upanishat daily. The lord should be worshipped with the fragrance of sandalwood and camphor, lotus flowers, googal dhoop, ghee lamp and sweets. The Aswath mool in a silver amulet should be performed by mixing twigs of aswath mool and yava tilajya and recite the following mantra for hundred & eight times.

Om shivonaamaasi savdhitisatepita Namaste astu mamaahi gunasi nivartyamyayusheannadhiypprajjanayee|
Raysaposhayee supprajasatavayasuviyryaya||
Om Ahirbudhnayee namah||


Poosha is the Lord of the Revati Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is fond of learning, very talented, double minded, confused, ever changing, impressive, good at premonitions, humanitarian in behaviour, sympathetic, skilled at getting his work done, religious, cautious in taking decisions, humour use, honest and able but may act mindlessly and be too logical and suspicious. Spiritual knowledge may suddenly rise in his mind. He may be involved in social work with the desire of attaining fame.

Revati is a Mool Sangyaka Nakshatra, Revati nakshatra controls legs, heels, paw, nerves and under soles. When malefic planets show their effect, the above- mentioned parts of the body suffer ailments. A person born in this Nakshatra may suffer gastric problems, fever and mental unrest. Occasionally there may be some deformation in the bones, pain in the parts related to transfer of knowledge i.e. brain, fracture bonny, diabetes and urinary disorders. Toward the effects one should worship lord Poosha and get relief from ailments by recitation of the mahamrityunjaya verses. The Lord Poosha should be worshipped with fragrance of sandalwood, mandar flowers, ghee, googal, dhoop, and ghee lamp and ghee payas. Sahavi dadhyanu should be offered. Homa should be performed with the twigs of Ashwathmool and tilajya tandul and the following mantra should be recited for hundred & eight times. On conclusion of the Homa, donate silken clothes with religious or ancient books. Wearing an ashwath Mool in silver amulet in always beneficial.

Om pushne tavvarte vayam narishyem kadachan stotarasat ihasmasi||

Om pushne namah||

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