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30 required rules for worship

Happy and prosperous life for Gods and goddesses of the goddess tradition of old enough time is being today. A large number of people in this tradition are part our goddess manōkāmanā'ēṁ are completed, but while worshiping certain rules Children should be otherwise offer a good fruit of fully not so such. 30 rule, am going to tell which are also normal take care of these things must take care of very soon to get lucky Can be.

These rules are as follows...

1. Sun, Ganesh, Durga, Shiva, and Vishnu, these are called pan̄cadēva, his worship in all tasks must be daily poojas. While taking care of these pan̄cadēva. This Lakshmi Blessings and prosperity is found.

2. Lord Shiva, Ganesha and bhairavajī caṛhānī not known.

3. Mother to Durga Dūrvā (a type of grass not caṛhānī. This Ganesha special offering.

4. Surya Dev from conch water arghya should not.

5. Tulsi's card without the bath should not break.

According to the scriptures, if a person without even bleached the tulsi leaves, the leaves are in not acceptable by God.

6. According to the Hindu Gods and goddesses and offered five times a day should 5 MORNING TILL 6 pm in brahma muhurta and frisked. After 9 in the morning till 10 pm The second time in the afternoon lazmi. Third time must be offered to the goddess that after God must do bedroom in the evening time four-five o'clock again and frisked. Night 8-9 pm bed Aarti should have homes. Regularly offered five times, where all of the Gods, and there is money in the house-cereals there.

7. Plastic Bottle an impure or metal container in water should not metal like. Impure aluminium and steel utensils made from copper. Water in the pot to keep.

8. Women in impure, and men shouldn't play sankh. This rule is not followed, where the conch, played by the goddess lakshmi.

9. Temple and the feasts of the front of the idol, never sit back and not.

10. Pandanus of flowers on the offering should not.

11. Any party manōkāmanā success for dakshina must caṛhānī. Dakshina while offering your vices will drop you should hurry. Defects from leaving early manōkāmanā'ēṁ must be complete.

12. Dūrvā (a type of grass) Sunday not tōḍaṉī.

13. Mother Laxmi special offering of lotus flower is a flower that five days chiṛaka water and a again.

14. According to the scriptures, the beloved aegle marmelos letter six months b. not considered them. Therefore chiṛaka water and again on the yoke.

15. Tulsi leaves for 11 days not stale as its leaves each day on the water again chiṛakara God be God.

16. Usually flowers in his hands and hands to God is not, should the flowers for the flowers in a holy character, and should have the same character from in Gods should to.

17. Copper Pot, in the fragrant sandalwood vs Sandalwood was water or not.

18. Always remember that sometimes, even with the lamps to light the candle not be according to the scriptures, that man with the lamp, the candle burning, they are patient.

19. Wednesday and Sunday to people offering tree water should not.

20. Pray always before or north side of mouth should put if possible, 6 AM TO 8 pm in between must worship.

21. Pray for an easy time, remember that the seating positions, will be the best.

22. in the temple in the morning and evening, the lamp must jalā'ēṁ. Lamps of ghee and oil lamp light.

23. Offer inspiration and after completing the same standing 3 PARIKRAMĀ'ĒṀ MUST.

24. Sunday, Ekadashi, dwadashi, sankranti, in the evening time and the leaves of tulsi should not break.

25. God of time, remember these things-God four times in the feet of the wharf, navel of mouth twice and one or three time Aarti. Thus God all of at least seven times to Aarti .

26. Shrine statues in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 in long, it must be great and not standing, Ganesh, sarasvatījī lakṣmījī, statues Not in the house.

27. Ganesh Statue of the three, two, two, śāligrāma sun idol, gomati chakra in number two could not keep.

28. In Your Temple, the idol's keep gifts, glass, wood and phāyabara sculptures and not keep jalīkaṭī khaṇḍita, photos and broken glass remove immediately according to the scriptures. Broken idols of worship was forbidden is idol broken whatever Is it the place of worship should be removed from a holy and flow into the river should be broken idols. Worship is considered inauspicious. In this connection it is to remember that sometimes the only, any condition In it is not broken.

29. Temple of the Lord over the clothes and jewellery, books, not even in the temple curtain is essential to your venerable parents and pitrōṁ photo temple couldn't keep them home, the main angle up.

30. Vishnu Ganesh of four, three, seven, the sun of durga and shiva around midnight.

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