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I am writing a long story & trying to explain Karmic Debt in a simple way.
Once a couple did not have children. They tried for seven years, all that was possible but with no success.
They had a shop and there was a small boy who was working with them since long. They thought of adopting him and did so .The business started flourishing and they were now playing in crores .
Then the thought came that this servant boy whom we had adopted will be the owner of crores . This bothered them and so they decided to get him out of their way. The approached an old doctor and asked him to give an injection to the boy .He agreed and along with the doctor killed the boy.
After some time the lady conceived and they had a boy child. The business flourished and they were very happy. They also got their son married to a beautiful girl from a good family.
Suddenly the boy developed problems in the brain and became immobile .A virus had made way. Expensive treatment from all places of the world were tried but was of no use. There wealth started dwindling and debts started piling. The treatment was becoming unaffordable. Doctors told that were unable to understand the virus that was creating multiple disorders and that the family should take care of him till he is able to survive which may not be long.
The father with tears went to the son to tell him the situation,
The son at that point told him that this did not bother him and that, ‘ he was no one else but the boy they had killed ‘. This left the father aghast and started talking of the mindset under which he did the act.
The wife who was looking at the father – son discussing came up and said as to what was her fault. She has not been able to enjoy even a day after her marriage. Her life has been ruined. On that the man on the bed said that she is the, ‘Doctor’ who was a part in the act.
This was a story but Karmic debts are complex.
It is good that we do not remember our past.
Life is all a play and enjoy it.
While you take a walk in the GARDEN during a morning walk we meet people – meeting them is destined BUT how we deal, what we talk and the intent is in our hand.
Be in the present – what ever is happening is destined – how you deal with it and the attitude / intent will make the difference for the future.

Shanker Adawal

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