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Vedic Astrology and your profession

Vedic Astrology and your profession

The word `Profession’ brings into the horizon a belief of a person in his capabilities or inherent potention which a native has but also symbolizes specialization on a knowledge and academic preparations and finally it also brings forth the needs of livelihood and vocation.
In the current environment, it is seen that a profession followed by an individual may not be akin to his inherent potential and with the number of fields increasing it is also very common to have individuals who have specialized in one field but are earning by engaging and adopting entirely different skill sets. It is common to have people in the Administrative Services who are Medical Graduates and Entrepreneurs with no specific knowledge skill but robust common sense. In this context, profession, determination and analyzing means a look at various aspects of the Horoscope. It means an analysis of education, knowledge, inherent nature, means of earning income and more complexed is determining the course and the graph of his professional achievement.
In this Book, I have started with the importance of understanding the Karmic Destiny. Destiny which is in store can be understood by the strength of Jupiter on one hand and the strength of the other outer planets like; Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury define the nature of profession and the ease/hardship by which a person would attain it.
The Book is a collection of material composed by various authors who have worked in this field and I have tried to build it up gradually so that the compilation can be understood and a complexed subject like Profession has been dealt from cradle to appoint where both the early runners as well as those engaged in research would find this composition as a good reference.
The planets and their influence on profession alongwith service, business, politics and other professions have been dealt with. I have also dealt with the above the aspect of finance, prestige, yogas and a special chapter on combination which lead to people adopting spiritualism, crime and prostitution.
In the Book, apart from analyzing the ups and down, I have also presented the analysis of profession through the Bhrigu Nadi Technique and the K.P. System.
To conclude, I have also gone into the common queries which can be dealt through the horary system analyzing basic queries along with a chapter of gem stones. Remedies and Gem Stones, while dealing with profession is a complexed subject which needs to be dealt holistically as this aspect of our life touches various facets and is extremely complexed, as explained above.
I wish to express my thanks to my friends Pinku and Tinku for being a source of motivation as well as Shri Saurabh Sagar who stimulates me for writing.
My special thanks to my mother Dr. Krishna as without her blessings it would have not possible to write on this topic.
My gratitude to my wife Renu and daughter Gudiya Vrinda for providing me with the aim and purpose.
I would like to thank Mr. Bhupender Singh Negi for typing, editing and numerous other activities with the publication of this Book.
This Book as the previous books dedicated to my father Late Shri Kailash Chander who taught me this Science as a child and was himself a great devotee of this subject in the days when there were no computers.
I would like to end this with the thought of Vrindavan and Banke Bihari whose blessings have been with me and I always took upon him in all my endeavours.

Shanker Adawal

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