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Weekly Horoscope and General Trends by Dr. Shanker Adawal

Hope you all had a great weekend and this is my analysis for the week starting today:

June, 2 and June 3 - the mood will be to enjoy - go to your loved one and take a hug . THE BOY IN YOU WILL BE ACTIVE. You will focus on family/fiance/partner - try to resolve issues. My advice is to be principled in love/ relationship &be fair while settling issues.

June 4 to June 6 - Though you will want to resolve a lot of pending issues which directly involve you there will be some kind of fear or a negative/ depressive attitude that will hold you back. Finance, issues with Govt/ authority / boss and property matters/debts will need focus and may stare at you. It is important that you deal with situations with a practical approach than with anxieties & confusions.

June, 7 & June , 8 - A hectic weekend where perhaps you with a reasoned attitude / approach & aggression will set out to resolve long pending issues with friends & relatives / service issues / family / travel / partnerships/ spouse - a week where most of us would like to settle pending issues that have been there. Please resort to communication & love in resolution as opposed to the use of ego / order .

All the best . Do write to me if you have a serious query ( no generic readings) with details ate Please resend your mail if you have not got a reply for long. My service to help.
Take care, Affectionately,
Shanker .
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