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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Tajika Yogas, Chapter IV, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. The 16 Tajika Yogas

1. Ikkaval/ Iqbal Yoga: If in chart (annual/ horary), all the 7 planets are posited in Kendra (1, 4, 7, & 10th) and Panphara (2, 5, 8 & 11th) houses, this yoga is formed. This yoga relieves numerous afflictions in the chart. It indicates gain in business/ profession, status, and/ or acquisition of wealth, vehicles, general comforts & good luck. When most of the planets in the chart are strong, this yoga present excellent results. When Lagnesh & other key planets are weak or placed in 8th house, native suffers set back. Even if Lagnesh and majority of planets are posited in Kendra/ Panphara (less 8th) house, reasonably good results are obtained. For example see Annual chart of Rajiv Gandhi for 41st year.

It can be seen that all the planets are in Kendra/ Panphara houses except Saturn. But there is no planet in 8th house and Lagnesh Mars is in lagna and 10th lord Sun is in 10th house with 8th lord retrograde Mercury, both strong in Viswa Bal and Sun is lord of the year as well. This explains remarkable rise in status of the native by his becoming the Prime-Minister suddenly during the year.

2. Induvara Yoga: It is a yoga of misfortune. Both this yoga and the previous yoga are like Nabhas yogas of Vedic astrology. This yoga is caused when all the 7th planets (or most of the key planets including Lagnesh) are posited in Apoklim (3, 6, 9 & 12th) houses. The year may be disastrous or the Prashna may fail awfully and one may face many disappointments or loss of status. However it may not be followed blindly. Some planets gets additional strength in these houses like Moon in 3rd, Mars in 6th, & Saturn in 12th gets additional strength as brought out earlier. Again 9th being the best Trikone & house of luck, most of the planets give good results here.

In the above chart, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn & Muntha are placed in houses 3, 6, & 12. The remaining two planets are placed in 11th house, but in Rahu-Ketu axis. The native remained seriously ill throughout the year. Of course, she was running an adverse dasha-antar-dasha in her birth chart as well.

3. Ithasala/ Muthasil Yoga: This literally means `Yoga of intermixing/ inter-mingling’. It is the most important Tajika yoga and is extensively  used in both horary and annual horoscope. It provides the key to understand several other Tajika yogas. It is generally a benefic yoga, but it is not always be so. For example an Ithasala between Lagnesh & 8th lord is bound to cause troubles/ obstacles etc. Hence for the likely results of Ithasala, the nature of planets, their lordship and their placement must be considered to pronounce results. The presence of this yoga indicates the fulfillment of some event in future. The factors required for the formation of this yoga are:

i) The faster moving planet is behind the slower moving planets. The planets in order of relative ascending velocity/ motion are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon: with Moon being the fastest and Saturn the slowest.

ii) The two planets are in mutual aspect. The aspect here means the Tajika aspects only as explained earlier. The two planets in 2/12 or 6/8 position will have no aspect. The two planets are generally Lagnesh & Karyesh.

iii) As this yoga is intermingling of the two planets, the planets concerned (Lagnesh & Karyesh) should be with in their orb of influence or Deeptamsha range as explained in earlier chapter. The closure the two planets are degree wise to each other, the greater the influence, they will exert for Ithasala to occur. The difference between the degrees of the two planets indicates the time frame for the event to occur.

Involvement of retrograde planets in formation of the yoga is normally not welcome as it indicates obstacles/ delay. A faster moving planet even though behind a slow moving planet will not be able to form the yoga as it denotes separation of the two planets. Similar would be the fate if both the planets are retrograde. However if the slow moving planet alone is retrograde, then the intensity of the Ithasala yoga would increase, as the two planets are coming together at a faster rate.

The Isthasala yoga is most extensively used for prediction in horary. Let us take a case where native wants to know about the success of his proposed venture. See the Prashna Chart:

In the above case Lagna lord Moon is in Ithasala with Karyesh Mars in own 10th house and with 6-9th lord Jupiter posited in 4th house. The close relationship among Lagnesh, Karyesh (10th lord) and 9th lord is a great Rajyoga for fulfillment of desires pertaining to profession/ business. The Lagnesh Moon is also in Ithasala with 12th lord Mercury posited in 12th house alongwith 11th lord Venus, indicating gains from foreign source. However Moon, Mars & Jupiter all being in Rahu-Ketu axis (although degree wise quite far), indicates worries for the native. Luckily 8th lord Saturn, though aspects Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury separately is out of Deeptamsha range of all these four planets. But Mercury having a very close Ishrafa yoga with 6th lord retrograde Jupiter, some repeat/ delayed action is also indicated. Moreover Mercury being 3rd lord also, the gain may not be as expected. However overall it will be a gainful venture.

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