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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Tajika Yogas, Chapter IV, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Ishrafa Yoga: This is a yoga of separation. The word Ishrafa means wastage or expense. It is also called `Mushrif yoga’. This yoga is the reverse of Ithasala and indicates obstacles and failures. The special feature of this yoga is that the faster moving planet is ahead of slow moving planet by more than one degree. With fast moving planet ahead of the slow moving planet, the two have no chance of meeting each other. This yoga of separation start operating as soon as the fast moving planet is ahead of slow moving planet by more than one degree. The two planets start losing intensity as the difference between the two increases, until it ceases to exist as they separate beyond their Deeptamsha range., An Ishrafa yoga between two benefic planets only tend to hamper work but is not considered too harmful. But if caused by two malefics, it is particularly bad, and not only cause failures in undertakings but brings additional troubles & disappointments. In the example chart No. 7 above, Lagnesh Mercury and 12th lord Sun are in 10th house within their Deeptamsha range (11 degrees), but the faster planet, Mercury is ahead of Sun, hence Ishrafa yoga is formed indicating failure of Prashna. Similarly there is another Ishrafa Yoga between Saturn and Venus.

5. Nakta Yoga: This is an auspicious yoga with a fast linkage. The necessary condition for this yoga are:

i) There is no mutual Tajika aspect between Lagnesh & Karyesh.

ii) A faster moving planet is located between Lagnesh & Karyesh, in mutual with both, encompassing them both, within its individual Deeptamsha.

This yoga accomplishment with the help of some one represented by third (faster moving) planet. When the two planets are not in mutual aspect, there is no relationship between them. The intervening planet passes on the strength (Teja/ glow) from the planet behind (faster of the two planets) to the planets ahead (slower of the two). The intervening planet must be faster than both the unrelated planets to ensure a smooth accomplishment of a purpose. Thus Nakta yoga cannot form with Moon as one of the non-aspecting planet, because there is no planet which is faster than Moon. The standard Nakta yoga has three possible variations:

i) Intervenng planet making Ithasala with both non-aspecting planets: This is the best form of a Nakta yoga as it shows two way Ithasala yoga indicating a sure success through the intervention of the person represented by the intervening planet. For example see Chart – 3 (the annual chart for 41st year of Rajiv Gandhi). Here there is no mutual aspect between Lagnesh Mars and 2nd lord Jupiter, as the two are posited in 2/ 12 position in the chart. However the 10th lord Sun has mutual Tajika aspects with both of them from 10th house. The Sun is faster than both Mars & Jupiter and is related with both of them separately in Ithasala yoga as both Mars & Jupiter falls within the Deeptamsha range of Sun. Thus both Mars and Jupiter form Nakta yoga with the help of Sun. The native acquired sudden gain in wealth and rise in status during the 41st year.

ii) Yoga with one Ithasala and one Ishrafa: This is standard Nakta Yoga mentioned in Tajika classics. In Chart – 4 below, there is no aspect between Lagnesh Saturn and 11th lord Jupiter being in 6/ 8 position from each other, though both are in their Deeptamsha range. However 5th & 8th lord Mercury, a planet faster than both is Located in 5th house and aspects both Jupiter (Ishrafa yoga) and Saturn (Ithasala yoga). Thus a link is established between Jupiter and Saturn. The Ishrafa link reduces the quality of the Nakta yoga. Lagna lord Saturn is in 8th house and is 12th lord also. Therefore the native had to suffer due to loss of his child.

iii) Nakta with double Ishrafa Yoga: Such a Nakta yoga has to be qualitatively much inferior to other two Nakta yogas since the link provided by the faster moving planets to the two non-aspecting planets are through Ishrafa yogas. In chart – 4 above, 3-10th lord Mars in 12th house has no relation with 4-9th lord Venus in 7th house as the two planets are in 6/ 8 position from each other. However 6th lord Moon from has double Ishrafa Yoga with both Mars and Venus as Moon is located ahead of both of them. During the year native had ill health and suffered loss in business and lost valuables.

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