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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

6. Malavya Yoga
6.1 This yoga is formed when Venus exalted (in Pisces), or in its own sign (Taurus/ Libra) is located in a Kendra house. This yoga is possible in all signs. The significations of Venus are fully reflected in natives with Malavya Yoga. Venus is the planet for sensual desires & comforts of Kaal Purush. Venus signifies wife, marriage, marital relations, affection, beauty, sex, attractive personality, passions, genital organs, semen, urine, happiness, luxuries, comforts & vehicles, wealth, properties, apparels, jewelary, dance, music, fine art, theatres, sciences, eyesight and addictions of various types. Venus is considered good when ahead of Sun (Specially in 3rd house). It is never away from Sun by more than 48 degrees. It is powerful when retrograde.

6.2 Native born under this yoga has a beautiful body, graceful appearance, deep sensual voice, and a bright complexion like full Moon. This yoga confers learning & wealth through own efforts with inclination towards material/ physical comforts. He is powerful, lucky and strong with females, but with little political influence. He will acquire conveyance, properties and pleasures. He is clever, learned and well versed in scriptures, but has a liking for extra-marital relations. The native is resolute and immensely rich with material comforts gain precedence over spiritual advancement. A females has extra attraction for costly & beautiful apparels and jewellary.

6.3 Venus is a good natural benefic planet. Hence its owning Kendra house should attract Kendradhipati Dosh; but it lose its meaning when Venus occupies Kendra for Malavya yoga. This yoga can take place in all lagnas. However their results are grouped under following three categories:

1. Most favourable results are conferred under Capricorn, & Aquarius lagna for Venus is Yogkaraka here and in Pisces, because Venus gets exalted here.

2. The least favourable results are delivered in case of Taurus & Scorpio Lagna, because the Mooltrikone sign of Venus is in a Trika (6th & 12th) house; and in Virgo lagna, because the exaltation sign (Pisces) is a Badhak & Marak house as well.

3. Other lagnas produce moderate results.

6.4 The Results of Malavya yoga are nullified or greatly reduced, if:

1. Ketu conjuncts Venus.

2. Mars in Ruchika yoga is in mutual Aspect.

3. Mars in conjunct with Venus.

4. Saturn in Sasa yoga is conjunct.

5. Conjunction/ close aspect of Rahu cause pervert results.

6.5 Let us see an example chart for Malavya Yoga:

The Native had exalted Venus in 4th house conferring Malavya along with 8th lord Moon (both digbali), causing great blemish to the yoga. The 4th house was hemmed between 9th lord Sun (though in 1st degree & detrimental sign) and 4th lord Jupiter causing a great Rajyoga. The native was well read & learned and was famous Yoga-guru, who brought out the advantages of Yoga in everyday life. During dasha of Venus from Jun 1964- ’84, he had the best of time. He had enormous influence on Ms Indira Gandhi, the then Primeminister and enjoyed all possible comforts of life. Association of 8th lord Moon, caused him to break all “Maryada” of Yog- Sadhna for fulfillment of his materialistic/ sensual desires. So after Venus dasha, his fame faded out soon and during dasha of Moon, he died mysteriously in a helicopter crash.

7. Sasa Yoga
7.1 This Yoga is given rise to when Saturn occupies a Kendra, which should be his own (Capricorn/Aquarius) or exaltation (Libra) sign. Birth in movable/ fixed signs can confer this Yoga by a certain disposition of Saturn; but dual signs are exempt. Saturn’s inherent nature plays a dominant role in conferring this yoga. Saturn is the miseries of Kaal Purush. Saturn is cruel, lazy, undignified, sinful, fault finding, vindictive, delay causing. He is hard boiled, industrious and of prodding nature. He is responsible for welfare of masses, deep thinking, mysteries, research. Ill health, poverty, sorrow, degradation, humiliation, self sacrifice and renunciation. He represents longevity, reproach, sin, misfortune, servitude, loneliness, agriculture, factories, jail and captivity. As per jatak Paarijat, Saturn is strong in all signs when retrograde.

7.2 The native born with Sasa yoga is brave but cruel, slender & thin, medium height with a slow but regular gait. He has dark complexion, roving eyes, competent, learned, keen to find fault of others, but devoted to mother. He loves working hard for long hours, in agriculture or factories and roams around in jungles/ hills. He is famous, king, minister, powerful, a natural leader of masses, workers or nomads, but with perverse sexual outlook and employing any unscrupulous means to gain other’s wife and wealth. When Saturn is exalted he may have many servants and be head of a town/ state. When he is free from affliction from other planets, he confers of chemicals and occult sciences. There is physical enjoyment but physical suffering as well.

7.3 The Cancer & Leo lagna produce the least benefic results for in Cancer, Saturn is 8th lord; in Leo, Saturn as 6-7th lord in 7th house is a Marak and detrimental to family life. Taurus, Libra & Aquarius confers most auspicious results, for Taurus & Libra, Saturn is Yogkaraka, In Libra it gets exalted and Aquarius, it produces great saints & Noble persons. Aries, scorpio & Capricorn lagna gives moderate results only.

7.4 The Sasa yoga loses its good results, if:

1. It is associated or is in mutual aspect with Sun.

2. Saturn is weakened due to combustion, or association with 8th lord.

3. Exalted Venus joins exalted Saturn in Libra.

4. Afflicted or weak Moon joins this Yoga.

7.5 Let us see an example chart for Sasa Yoga.

The native has exalted Saturn in 4th house, conferring Sasa yoga. Lagna lord Moon is exalted but weak in Paksh bala & Digbala and forms Gajkesari Yoga with Jupiter in 5-11 axis giving him a large family. He also had exalted Yogkaraka Mars conferring Ruchika yoga in 7th house. He has in 10th house Mercury aspected by the two Mahapurush yogas giving the native name and fame concurrently in politics as well as in film industry as a famous script writer in Tamil films. Rahu, the Karaka of films & TV, from 2nd house also aspect 10th house. Saturn made him a popular mass leader. Mercury as 3rd lord in 10th house indicates that all his name & fame is due to his own efforts. He has been five times chief Minister of Tamilnadu during dasha of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.


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