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Medical Astrology is a fascinating, timeless subject of antiquity that has unfortunately lost its value in the wake of chemical (allopathic) medicine. While almost everyone knows his or her astrological Sun sign from their month and date of birth, they are not generally familiar with the personal characteristics associated with it, dietary and hygienic measures to be advised, and even preventative measures it provides to preserve, regain, or maintain one's health. Historically, the two oldest sciences of man's history are astrology and herbalism.
This week's scenario is highlighted by emotional stability. You don't have to accept whatever comes your way, but neither should you reject innovation as a matter of course. There's no place like home, but home may be where the action is now, more action than you prefer. Partners may feel unstable; family members may be in a tizzy; everything may feel a little out of place. Just relax, it isn't the end of the world. You have the ability to stay cool when others are upset or unreasonable. You may also have the gift of being able to push others in the direction you want them to go. With such finesse you will overcome any possible resistance to change.

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