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The Sun in the signs – General

The Sun in the signs – General

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The Sun in Aries produces a diligent man who is fierce in battle and is outstanding because of his overflowing strength; one whose fame is obtained in actions involving speech and the meaning of the sciences, a man with allies who is of noble conduct and who desires to win; one who is fond of hunters and indulges in acts of violence, splendid and outstanding man with a strong bone structure; one whose body suffers from diseases arising from bile and blood. If it is in the degree of its exaltation, (the Sun produces) the best of kings.

The Sun in Taurus produces one who is fond of perfumes and garlands and has the best furniture and clothing, but is of little firmness; one who takes delight in such things as singing and instrumental music and is knowledgeable about sexual intercourse, a thin man of great strength who is afraid of the water; a rich epicure who is addicted to litigation, a powerful man who hates barren women; one who is struck by diseases of the mouth and eyes and has a bad end; a man with few sons and one who endures suffering.

The Sun in the third sign (Gemini) produces a man endowed with good conduct and excellent qualities, an intelligent person who speaks sweetly and is well behaved, one who possesses the qualities of cleverness and affection; one who has two mothers, a man with a beautiful waist; one who knows learning and the sciences and who acts nobly, a handsome man who hates sexual intercourse and desires righteousness (dharma); one famous among kings because of his noble qualities.

The Sun in Cancer produces a man who hates his own allies and is subject to others, one who lacks determination in action and talks stupidly, who cannot stand in one place and delights in drinking; one who is afflicted by many labours and miseries and is liable to change in his speech, his region, and his place; a man who hates his father and is unlucky in sexual intercourse with women; one who is always enervated by diseases caused by phlegm and bile.

The Sun in Leo produces a man who slays his foes, one who becomes violently angry and who acts nobly; a diligent worker who will not tolerate opposition, a famous guardian and a foremost hero; one possessing inscrutability, strength, steadfastness, and firmness, a glorious man who holds a sword in his hand; one whose actions are fierce and brutal and whose conduct is un-saintly (asadhu), a man who is fond of flesh and who wanders in impassable forests.

The Sun in Virgo produces a weak man of little strength whose speech is soft and weak, one whose body is like a woman’s and who is clever at shampooing and massaging, a scribe; a man obedient to the gods, his elders, and Brahmanas, a modest person who enjoys listening (bsruta) and singing and instrumental music; an intelligent and wise man of charming speech who is eager to perfect himself in his profession.

The Sub in Libra produces a man who travels among foreign nations, one who is tormented by injury, decay, disease, loss, and grief, and whose actions are hateful, low, and frustrated; a bold man who exerts himself in trade in gold, copper (loha), iron (ayasa), and minerals; a man sought after in battle and one addicted to wealth, sacred traditions (sruti), and righteousness (dharma); a man whose first wife dies or is unfaithful.

The Sub in the eighth sign (Scorpio) produces a wicked, cruel, and un-truthful man who becomes violently angry; one who is dependent on bad women and who disputes with greed, jealousy, and lies; a fool lacking the qualities of purity and good behaviour, a man of arrogant character who is fond of quarrelling; one whose body is assailed by poison, fire, blood, and swords, and who treats his father and mother improperly.

The Sun in Sagittarius produces a great man who is honoured by kings, one famous and clever in studying the meaning of the sciences, a wise and courteous person qualified for litigations; a quiet man who is hospitable to gods and Brahmans; one who is honoured among good men and who delights in benefiting his relatives; a wealthy man, a hero of noble courage whose body is broad, full, tall, and handsome.

The Sun in Capricorn produces a man whose virtue is lost, one who delights in many occupations, but has little strength; a man whose property is lost because of a conflict with his allies; a greedy man addicted to sexual intercourse with bad women; one whose income is increased by crime; a man who suffers from heart-trouble and wanders much, a rogue despised among good men and bereft of righteousness (dharma).

The Sun in Aquarius produces a man of unswerving hatred, hostility, and anger; one who is not determined in his actions and who talks stupidly, and who is a great lover of ignoble women; a miserable man of little wealth who is poorly dressed, a fool whose friendship turns to cruelty; an ignorant man with bad manners who does not speak nobly (or, like an Aryan); one whose fame is obtained by his good sons and by those devoted to him.

The Sub in Pisces produces a meritorious man who has many enemies and allies, one whose wealth is obtained through merchandise from the sea; a man who rises up from loss and is famous for his wealth and bodily appearance; one who is very sad because of the suffering of his wife; a wise and powerful man with many brothers; one who is affectionate to his friends and elders and speaks well, a man who desires exercise; one who is afflicted by diseases of the genitals.


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