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Karkatva of Sun

Karkatva of Sun

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The Sun, at the centre of the system of the planets of which the Earth is a member, is about 150 million kilometers (93 million miles) from the Earth and is so large that 109 Earths could be placed side by side inside it.

The ancient significations and significators of the Sun i.e. Karkatva of Sun

The following significations and significators belong to the Sun:

(1). The soul (2) power (3) intense severity (4) fortress (5) good strength, acuteness and exertion, (6) heat (7) splendor, anything auspicious, glory, (8) fire (9) worship of Siva, any work relating to Lord Shiva, taking an active part in havens or yagyas, temples, (10) courage (11) short fruit bearing trees, white horse gram, wheat, ginger, pungent articles, brinjal, thorny trees (12) being in royal favour, service under the Government, (13) bitterness (14) old age (15) cattle (16) wickedness (17) land (18) father (19) taste (20) self-realisation (21) skyward look (22) one born of a timid woman (23) world of mortals (24) square (25) bone (26) valour (27) grass (28) the belly (29) strenuous effort (30) forest (31) half a year (32) eye (33) wandering over the mountains, trip to forest or mountainous regions, (34) quadruped (35) king (36) travelling (37) dealing (38) bite (39) scorch (40) circular shape (41) eye disease (42) body, one’s own self-will, happiness, dignity, (43) timber (44) mental purity (45) lordship of the whole country (46) freedom from disease (47) Lord of Saurashtra state i.e. Gujarat state (48) ornament, jewels worn on the head, chest, nose and ears, (49) disease in the head (50) pearls (51) Lord of sky (52) short like a dwarf (53) lord of the East (54) Copper, gold, (55) blood (56) kingdom (57) a red cloth (58) a stone (59) public life (60) river bank (61) coral (62) strong at mid-day (63) East (64) Mouth (65) long standing anger (66) dignity in war, capture of the enemy (67) satvika (pure) temperament (69) red chandan or saffron (69) hostility and (70) thick cord. (71) girls aged 8 years,

More detailed discussion on significations:

The Sun: Essence, ego, character, innate tendencies, foundation, origin, dawn, star, light, halo, aura, glare, beam, blaze, phosphorescence, incandescence, fluorescence, ignition, combustion, inflammation, illumination, enlightenment, brilliancy, magnificence, splendor, revelation, sagacity, wisdom, clairvoyance, omnipotence, invincibility, apotheosis, success, victory, crowning, accomplishment, consecration, superiority, godhood, divinity, example, model, prototype, predestination, mission, high order, leadership, royalty, aristocracy, direction, command, dominion. The Sun is the source of our inspiration, energy, and also the seat of what we project, emanate, produce and create. It rules over fame, renowned, reputation. The Sun charges our body and by making us sweat prolongs our life and helps us get rid of toxins and poisons-that is why it lies opposite Saturn, the Great Malefic. The Sun grants honours, rewards, and is often the highlight in a horoscope, lunar and navamsa charts. It is always the big power and real push behind all the other planets and the symbol of understanding and comprehension, since it likes to include and control as much as possible-but likewise of nobleness, virtuousness, loftiness, purity, innocence, candour, ingenuousness. It is serenity and angelical demeanour. The Sun is the ideal. Yet, ideals are not always the same for everybody. And so when wrongly viewed they produce autocracy, despotism, dictatorship, tyranny, absolutism. The individual turns into an egotist, ego centrist, egomaniac, is given to self-aggrandizement, self-divinization, subjectivity, ostentation, vanity, boastfulness, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, contempt, adulation, and either moral or congenital blindness.

The temptation is ever present and the vices of the Sun attack all its scions. As the furnace that it is it can heat, warm up, bake and help vitalize and even fatten our body; however, it can simultaneously burn and even kill us. That’s why it is dangerous to play with fire and walk on burning charcoal and wood. Finally the Sun represents truth, reality, the Absolute, God, supreme states of consciousness like nirvana, Samadhi, exposure and nakedness in all senses. It is therefore the planet of extroverts, and of those prone to disclose and ventilate intimacies and personal or collective traits and stories. As a rule Sun types are born limelight’s and exhibitionists and want to impress at all times. If they pass unnoticed or are not appreciated they go into an eclipse. It is only then that their absence is truly felt and their reappearance enormously desired. The Sun rules the body, or physical constitution, the heart, the spirit, the conscience, destiny, life and the visible of the native.


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