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Vastu Shastra: An Ideal House, Chapter V, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal


A veranda is a roofed open area built in front of the House. Veranda should be in the North or East part of the House. It is used to sit out and relax and while sitting, it is useful to get exposed to the Sun’s rays as they aid in the synthesis of Vitamin D and improve the general well-being of a person.

1. Unbroken Varandas surrounding a Chatushala House is known as Sarvatabhaqra. Such House is considered as most auspicious.

2. Separate Varandas on all the four sides around the House stressing from left to right is known as `Nandavarta’. This is a very good House.

3. The first type may have Doors from all the sides whereas the second type should not have the Door in the West side.

4. A Bardhaman House should have three Varandas, such as front Varandas stressing from left to right, another one from there stressing from left to right and third one is also stressing from left to right. There should not be any Door in the South.

5. Swastika House should have a Varanda in the Eastern side stressing from left to right. The Northern Varanda should touch the end of the House in the East. Similarly Southern Varanda should also touch the end in the East. The Eastern Varanda should be in-between the Northern and Southern Varandas. The Door should be in the Eastern Side.

6. Ruchaka House is identified with Varandas in Eastern and Western sides touching the edges in the South and the North whereas in between there should be two more Varandas in North and South side. No Door in the North side.

The ideal position for this would be in the North, where there is constant sunlight and the East where there is morning Sunlight. The Veranda should not be in South or the West sides of the main building. Heavy furniture and seating should be placed in the South-West of the Veranda. The Swing should be in the East-West axis. Small plants can be placed in the North-East of the Veranda. Shoe-rack can be placed in the North-West of the Veranda. Avoid rounding or cutting the corners of the Veranda. The height of the Veranda roof should be less than the roof of the main building. Avoid using asbestos or tin roof for the Veranda. Veranda should have maximum number of windows opening into the rest of the house. The Veranda leads to the next space namely the Living Room through the Main Entrance Door.\

Sl. No.







Good for health and prosperity



Below Average

Loss of health and wealth




Increase in health, wealth, knowledge and fame



Below Average

Loss of health and wealth



Very Good

Increase in health and knowledge


South East


Better shift to North-East



Below Average

Loss of health, danger of accidents



Below Average

Better cover it, shift it towards, North or East


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